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    Help us get Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) recognised! Let us bridge the gap between patients, healthcare professionals and governments! CFS and ME sufferers need to be heard!
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    ME can start suddenly and it can happen to anyone and is often defined as a severe fatigue for six consecutive months or longer durations. The fatigue causes a significant reduction of activity levels and patients experience symptoms including impaired memory, extreme exhaustion, nausea, muscle pain and severe headaches amongst an extensive list of ailments.

Help us get ME/CFS recognised!

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    It is more common than you think!.

    • Some estimates suggest that ME/CFS may affect 3,000 in every 100,000 adults
    • Heath organisations have suggested that more than 1 million Americans have ME/CFS
    • According to the National Health Service, approximately a quarter of a million people in the UK have ME/CFS

    Thorough Documentation

    Did you know.

    • There are no widely, standarised and recognised laboratory tests to diagnose ME/CFS
    • ME/CFS starts suddenly with an infection (Borellia, Bartonella..) and is usually accompanied by a "flu-like” illness
    • The period between the start of the disease and receiving proper treatment can sometimes take years
    • Many sufferers do not have the financial means to pay for treatments
    • Without the correct diagnosis and treatment, ME/CFS can lead to death

    Evolving theme

    ME/CFS causes financial disaster.

    • Social security schemes may not consider sufferers as sick and stop benefits
    • Working while suffering from ME/CFS may become impossible
    • Recovery can be a very long process often measured in years
    • “Biological level” treatments are generally not funded by government healthcare programs

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